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AC4 - Burn The World (Vinyl LP)

AC4 - Burn The World (Vinyl LP)
Modellnummer: 24
Tillgänglighet: 2
Pris: 175.00kr
Exkl. moms: 175.00kr
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Beg/Secondhand Vinyl

Record, VG+

Cover, VG+

AC4 is the no-frills vision of musician Dennis Lyxzen (Refused, International Noise Conspiracy, Invasionen, etc.). In AC4, he is joined by friends and former members of Umea hardcore bands DS-13, Step Forward, Regulations, E.T.A and The Vectors. "Burn The World" is 16 songs of social, political and personal unrest transformed into primitive hardcore punk anthems; all of them awesomely executed and uniquely unforgettable. 

Ny Våg Records ‎– NyVåg # 133

1.     Curva Del Diablo
2.     Who's The Enemy
3.     All Talked Out
4.     Die Like A Dog
5.     Morality Match
6.     Bullet For Your Head
7.     Don't Belong
8.     Diplomacy Is Dead
9.     Burn The World
10.     Eye For An Eye
11.     I Won't Play Along
12.     Breakout
13.     Extraordinary Rendition
14.     I Don't Want It I Don't Need It
15.     Off The Hook
16.     Left You Behind

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