7 Seconds - The Crew (Vinyl LP)

7 Seconds - The Crew (Vinyl LP)
Modellnummer: 169
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INFO:   Debut full-length that established 7 Seconds as a household name in the hardcore punk scene. Not only was it an instant classic but it also paved the way for generations of bands to follow. Your record collection isn't complete without this one.
1.     Here's Your Warning
2.     Definite Choice
3.     Not Just Boys Fun
4.     This Is The Angry, Pt. 2
5.     Straight On
6.     You Lose
7.     What If There's A War In America
8.     Crew
9.     Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
10.     Colourblind
11.     Aim To Please
12.     Boss
13.     Young 'til I Die
14.     Red And Black
15.     Die Hard
16.     I Have A Dream
17.     Bully
18.     Trust


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