Accused, The - Oh, Martha! (Vinyl LP)

Accused, The - Oh, Martha! (Vinyl LP)
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The Accused rise from the grave with "Oh, Martha!" It features 16 tracks by The Accused plus 20th anniversary re-dos of the 1985 classic 5 song "Martha Splatterhead EP" tracks! The Accused are highly regarded as a stand-alone, influential group who helped pioneer the fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk in the '80s. Being put off by trendy genre labels like "crossover," they coined their unique, powerful hybrid noise "Splatter Rock" in 1984.

Unrest Records ‎– UNREST LP008

A1    Martha Will    
A2    Fueled By Hate    
A3    Crapassreality    
A4    Fast Zombies Rule!    
A5    Dying On The Vine    
A6    Hooker Fortified Pork Products    
A7    Life Kills On    
A8    National Embalming School    
A9    Filth Hounds Of Hades    
B1    Stay Dead    
B2    Scream And Die    
B3    Of The Body    
B4    13 Letters    
B5    Have You Ever Been Mellow?    
B6    Distractions    
B7    Martha Splatterhead    
B8    Slow Death    
B9    Take My Time    
B10    Fuckin For Bucks

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